Mystery Photo: Mass Ave, turn of the 20th Century???

We’ve come across another great photo in our collection with no information about location or date.  We know it is Mass Ave and we think it is from the turn of the 20th century.  But what part of Mass Ave is it?  And can anyone estimate a date? We need your help!


3 thoughts on “Mystery Photo: Mass Ave, turn of the 20th Century???

  1. Deborah Barchard

    I would suggest that the uniforms (especially the headgear) worn by the police (on sidewalk, left-hand side of photo) be checked out and compared to uniforms of certain years. There must be photos available in the old Chronicle or police archives that would help.


  2. keith mackinnon

    I believe the building on the left the three story building with the manstard roof is the old Masonic Hall at the corner of Temple and Main Street(later Mass. Ave). Date could be round 1866-1880. The Masonic Hall was constructed in 1866 with granite blocks from a old warehouse that was demolished in Boston at the wharfs.

    Keith MacKINNON
    Curator and Historian
    Cambridge Masonic Temple


  3. Charles Sullivan


    Keith’s right, this is Mass. Ave. looking east from the corner on Inman Street; the granite building on the left is the Masonic Hall at the corner of Temple Street, which was razed in 1904. The presence of trolley wires indicates that it was taken after 1889, probably in the mid-1890s.

    Charles Sullivan
    Cambridge Historical Commission



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