A Conversation with Alyssa Pacy, CPL Archivist

The Cambridge Public Library Foundation recently interviewed Alyssa Pacy, Cambridge Public Library Archivist, as part of their series on Cambridge Public Library staff.

It’s no secret: we love the Cambridge Public Library staff! From circulation to admin, facilities to youth services – the enthusiasm, warmth, and dedication of Library workers makes Cambridge an amazing place to live and be.

While we look forward to life returning to normal, we’d like to share a series of conversations with Library staff members virtually conducted by the Foundation. We hope that reading about their work brightens your day, and reminds you that no matter what goes on the world, the Cambridge Public Library continues to support our community.
Alyssa Pacy, Archivist, Cambridge Public Library.

What do you do at the Library?
I am the archivist at the Cambridge Public Library, and, to make it very simple, I collect, preserve, describe and make available records of enduring value that document the history of Cambridge.

Read the full interview here.


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