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Preserve Your Digital Photographs with 4 Easy Tips


Do you remember when you used to get all your photographs developed and then lovingly stored them in a photo album?  Now that photography has gone digital, we want to make sure that you preserve your precious photographs.  Fortunately, the Library of Congress has come up with four simple steps to walk you through the process:  Identify, Decide, Organize, and Make copies.  If you want a more detailed walk through of the process try this:

And if you really want to make sure your photographs are saved for your grandchildren, the old fashioned way is still the best – get them printed at a photo shop, put them in albums, and store them in a safe place.


Preservation Tips: Sticky Photo Albums

Example of the ubiquitous sticky photo album.

In this short, informative video, a conservator from the Smithsonian Institute Archives easily explains how to remove photographs from those horrible sticky photo albums.

The only equipment you need is dental floss!

View the video here: