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Corner of Thingvalla Ave. and Ericsson St. in Cambridge, Mass.  Photograph courtesy of Lexplorers (March 10, 2017).

Have you ever wondered if the tale about Leif Ericsson discovering Cambridge is true?  Did the Norsemen really sail up the Charles River?  Well, technically, the answer is no to both questions.  But, there’s a fascinating story about why we might think they did and why there are three streets in Cambridge named after the Norse:  Thingvalla Ave., Ericsson St., and Norumbega St.

Our friends at Lexplorers.com wrote a great article all about Eben Norton Horsford, the Harvard Professor of Application of Science to the Useful Arts and inventor of Rumford baking powder, and his theory that the Norse Vinland Sagas actually took place in Cambridge.  Head over to Lexplorers.com and brush up on some obscure and interesting Cambridge history.


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