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Anonymous painting, from the My Cambridgeport:  Personal Maps of the Neighborhood project.

Between 1920 and 1932, George Davis and Harold Davis, Pearl Street resident Bill Davis’s uncles, owned a moving company.  At the time, the Davis brothers used horse and mule-drawn trucks for their moving operation and 7 Tufts Street is the barn where the horses and mules were stabled.  The grey building is the original barn and has since been turned into apartments.

By 1933, Bill Davis’s father, Richard Harding Davis, took over ownership his brothers’ moving company, and renamed it RH Davis Moving Company.  When Richard Davis replaced the horses with gasoline powered trucks, he garaged the vehicles in warehouses on Erie and Decatur Streets.

-Compiled by Bill Davis and Alyssa Pacy for “If This House Could Talk…” 2011


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