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Register for Old House Dos and Don’ts

Date & Time:
April 6, 2022
12:00pm – 1:00pm

Old Houses Dos and Don’ts.
As times change so do the needs and desires of families when it comes to modern living. Historic homes are often altered to realize these dreams, but it can be hard to know how to make changes that are sensitive to the existing character of the house. This online lecture defines “preservation” and how to apply its tenets effectively to old homes.  Learn tips on how to read changes that have been made to old houses and identify those that were successful and those that weren’t.  Discover ideas for how to recapture the historic character of an old house as well as improve its energy efficiency.  Join us for this lecture presented by Elizabeth Paliga, Preservation Services Manager for Historic New England.


How to Preserve Sneakers and Teddy Bears: Lessons from the Marathon Bombing Archive


Adam Osgood, collection technician for Historic New England, prepares items such as stuffed animals, sneakers and American flags from Copley Square’s shrine to Boston Marathon bombing victims to be treated in a fumigation bubble where carbon dioxide kills any kind of insect or larvae, above.  Courtesy of the Boston Herald.

If you’re curious about the first steps archivists take to treat collections, especially those that are outside the traditional paper and photo based collections, watch this short video the Boston Herald posted on August 11, 2013.  The video highlights the behind-the-scenes work of archivists.

Boston Charter Day This Weekend

In honor of the founding of the three oldest towns in Massachusetts – Boston, Dorchester, and Watertown, the Partnership of Historic Boston is celebrating with talks, tours, exhibitions all on the subject of 17th Century Architecture.  The programs look fantastic:

Thursday, September 15, Lecture
Built in the Massachusetts Bay Colony: 17th Century Architecture
Boston Public Library

Friday, September 16, Lecture
Discovery and New Challenges of Restoration
The Bostonian Society

Saturday, September 17, Tour
Tour two Historic New England Properties
The Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury and the Rocky Hill Meeting House in Amesbury
(Reservations required; cost $65 per person]

Sunday, September 18, Church Service and Lecture
From Stone to Timber:  Meeting Houses in the New World
The First Church in Boston

Sunday, September 18, Walking Tour
Boston Founders Walking Tour
Tours start from the First Church in Boston

September 15 through October 9, Exhibition
Enduring Legacies of 17th Century Architecture in Massachusetts
Boston Public Library, Rare Book  Room

For more information, view the flyer or visit the Partnership of Historic Boston’s website.