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Cambridge 2000 Records Are Now Available

A scrapbook page chronicling some of the events in 2000, available in the Cambridge 2000 Records.

We are pleased to announce that the Cambridge 2000 Records, 1999-2001 are now available for research in the Cambridge Room.

The Cambridge Arts Council coordinated a series of activities and events to celebrate the millennium in 2000. It held a series of four light celebrations created by Spectaire, a collaborative of light artists. The celebrations were The Beaconing (January 22, 2000), Light Parade (May 13, 2000), Skyward Light (September 23, 2000), and Illuminated Word (December 7, 2000). An additional event was “Curious Doings in Cambridge Crosswalks,” which featured performers from Behind the Mask Theatre and volunteers from city departments and sought to raise awareness about public safety. It produced a series of quarterly calendars under the title “2 thousand things to do in Cambridge in 2 thousand.”

Collection Overview
The collection consists of calendars, images, magnets, media coverage, slides of words and poetry used as outdoor library wall projections in the “Illuminated Word” event, T-shirts and other promotional materials, the City’s 2000 Annual Report featuring the celebration, and a cassette tape of two interviews of light artists that appeared on WBUR and WRK


Participate in “If This House Could Talk…”

What happened in your neighborhood two, twenty, two hundred years ago? For the past three years, Cambridgeport residents, businesses and non-profits have posted signs in front of their properties telling interesting tidbits from their recent or distant, personal or public past.

In October of 2009 over seventy signs cropped up for the first “If This House Could Talk…”; in 2011, over 150 signs. Signs told about whatever local residents found interesting:

  • Residents, including writers, social activists, Shakers, and “regular people”;
  • Houses extensively renovated or virtually untouched, built as wedding gifts or boarding houses;
  • A church where Martin Luther King and J.F.K. once spoke; and
  • Gardens that grow potatoes for homemade fries or colorful dahlias–and plots that grew wartime vegetables.

Last year “If This House Could Talk…” was featured on WBUR’s Radio Boston.  Listen here:  http://radioboston.wbur.org/2011/10/06/if-this-house-could-talk.

If you would like to participate in the 2012 “If This House Could Talk…” contact Jay, Gavin, or Kit at ifthishouse@cambridgehistory.org.

“If This House Could Talk” on WBUR’s Radio Boston

Yesterday, WBUR’s Radio Boston did a great piece on “If This House Could Talk…”  The Cambridge Historical Commission’s Executive Director, Charlie Sullivan, made a guest appearance.  Listen to the story here:  http://radioboston.wbur.org/2011/10/06/if-this-house-could-talk.