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Our Streets Come Alive Through Poetry

Our streets come alive through poetry. If you’re looking for inspiration in Cambridge, you might want to look down. There are 20 poems by Cambridge residents imprinted in our sidewalks! Since 2015, Cambridge’s annual Sidewalk Poetry Contest has invited residents to submit poetry for the chance to get their words stamped in concrete as part of the city’s sidewalk repair program. The collaborative project from Cambridge’s Department of Public Works, Cambridge Arts, and the Cambridge Public Library uses the city’s regular infrastructure maintenance efforts to put poetry out into the world, in every neighborhood of our community. An average of 150 poems are submitted from people ages 3 to 95 each year and five winners are selected and stamped throughout city. (The 2020 review committee is presently examining this year’s poems.) Winning poems have spoken about hibernating mice and voles, a spring thaw, scullers on the river, the songs of birds, memories stirred by passing an old lover’s address.  This is just a little example of the cultural richness we love in Cambridge. Find all our city’s sidewalk poetry on this interactive map.