Famous Cantabrigians: John Harvard’s Mother

The house where John Harvard’s mother grew up, Stratford, England, heliotrope, late 19th century.

Although very little is known about John Harvard, the man who left upon his death half his fortune and entire library to Harvard in 1638, the nineteenth century genealogist Henry F. Waters was able to uncover information on the Harvard family in England, including the above photograph, which was the childhood home of Katherine Rogers, John Harvard’s mother.  The house was built by Katherine’s father, Alderman Thomas Rogers, in 1596.  Katherine grew up there, and in 1605, it was the location of her wedding to Robert Harvard.

According to John T. Hassam, who wrote the preface to Henry Water’s 1886 Harvard family genealogy, the house  “is one of the oldest and certainly the best remaining example of ancient domestic architecture in Stratford.”

The house still stands today and is open for tours.  Perhaps most interestingly, the house is now owned by Harvard University.  For more information, read:  http://www.stratford-upon-avon.co.uk/soaharv.htm.

The house where John Harvard’s mother grew up, Stratford, England, today.

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1. Waters, Henry F., John Harvard and His Ancestry, Boston:  New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1886.


2 thoughts on “Famous Cantabrigians: John Harvard’s Mother

  1. mpauley2

    Would like to be in touch with you since my husband is a tenth g-granchild of Thomas Rogers, Katherine’s brother in Stratford-on-Avon. He descends through Thomas’s son William Rogers who married Anna Hall.



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