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Business Card, circa late Nineteenth Century, from the Cambridge Vertical File (051).

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From the Cambridge Vertical File (051), Businesses, Crest Manufacturing Company.

Between 1901 and 1904 the Crest Manufacturing Company built cars.  The company was located at 424 Massachusetts Avenue and later at 190 Broadway.

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From Postcards (028).

The Howard Johnson’s in Cambridge used to be located at 529 Memorial Drive, which is on MIT’s campus.  Does anyone remember dining there?  Bonus points if you ate in the Bermuda Room!


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The Cambridge Sentinel, one of Cambridge’s major newspapers during the first half of the Twentieth Century has been digitized.  October 1903 to December 1947 is now freely available and keyword searchable.  Enjoy!

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Police Brutality Hearing, January 1971, George Greenidge (right) and friends testifying to police beatings, copyright Olive Pierce

Former Cambridge resident and lifelong political activist, Olive Pierce captures the every day tension in ordinary people’s lives.  This important collection of photographs spans Pierce’s 40-year career and features three projects focusing on Cambridge, two in mid-coast Maine, and one in Iraq.  View the description of the collection and finding aid here.

Olive Pierce’s photograph Collection

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Sumako Cohn and the Art of Origami
Exhibit located in the Children’s Room on the Third Floor

Sumako (Ohashi) Cohn was born in Hokkaido, Japan. From 1968-1969, she studied oil painting at the Asagaya School of Art in Tokyo. Cohn moved to Boston in 1976, where she began to make watercolors of houses and local landmarks. Cohn has taught workshops on Japanese ceramics, tea ceremonies, and zori, Japanese sandal weaving. Her artwork has focused on acrylic paintings, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, ink drawings, watercolors, paper doll collages, origami, and pop-out cards. She has exhibited her work in Massachusetts, Japan, and Hawaii.

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Carriage House, Highland Avenue, February 25, 1979, from the Sumako Cohn Prints (019), copyright Sumako Cohn.

When Sumako Cohn came to Boston in 1976 from her native Japan, she was fascinated by the varied shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and moods of the old houses of New England.  She began making watercolors of the houses in Cambridge that most peaked her interest.  This recently acquired collection of watercolor prints is an artist’s rendering of Cambridge’s most unique houses.

View the description of the collection and finding aid here.



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