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Cambridge City Council Hearing at Rindge Tech auditorium on the death of Larry Largey, young people from the Roosevelt Towers area, October 1972, copyright Olive Pierce.

Thank you to Scout Cambridge for their recent article, From Rent Control to Riot Squads: The Photographs of Olive Pierce, profiling the amazing work of documentary photographer Olive Pierce as well as the work we do in the Cambridge Room.


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The inaugural issue of the Hard Times Bulletin, describing the anger felt by the death of teenager Larry Largey  while in police custody from the collection of the Cambridge Newsletters and Newspapers (052).

Radical Newsletters:  An Exhibition

Exhibition Location: 2nd Floor of the Main Library

Cambridge has a history of activism, especially during the turbulent 1960s and 1970s when political debates and protest around police brutality, racism, and rent control took center stage.

In later decades, activism turned towards issues of homelessness and scientific testing, although rent control continued to occupy Cambridge’s political scene.

This exhibition shows examples of newsletters that grew out of Cambridge activism. From the inaugural issue of Spare Change News, a newspaper created by the homeless, to the anti-rent control publication, Eagle’s Eye, these newsletters capture the zeitgeist of the city.

An anti-rent control newsletter from the early 1990s.


The inaugural issue of Spare Change.



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On left:  The Secret of Question Nine:  How We Lost Rent Control by Bill Cunningham, 1996.  On right:  Don Leslie, world renowned sword swallower and native Cantabrigian.

The Best Books About Cambridge That You’ve Never Read

The Cambridge Room, the Library’s Archives and Special Collections, has a vast collection of books on every subject imaginable about Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We’ve selected a few of our favorites – featuring bohemians, activists, hippies, teetotalers, revelers, restaurateurs, writers, design gurus, and urban planners.

With titles like, Peaking through the hole of a Bagel, Lewd, and Baby Let me Follow you Down  – what’s not to love.  These books are rare gems – one of a kind – in our collection and touch on the vast and unusual history of Cambridge.  Stop by the Cambridge Room on the second floor for more recommendations.

Exhibition Location: The Sakey Room on the first floor of the original Library building.

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