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Bodybuilders, 1984, from the No Easy Roses series, Olive Pierce Photographs (045), copyright Olive Pierce

Documentary photographer and political activist Olive Pierce spent the better half of the 1970s and 1980s photographing Cambridge.  Her first project in the early 1970s was to document the turbulent Cambridge City Council meetings that polarized the community around issues like rent control and police brutality, in particular 17 year-old Larry Largey who died in police custody.  Later in the decade, Pierce photographed the children of Jefferson Park, a housing project in North Cambridge, capturing their daily lives.

Pierce founded the photography program at Cambridge Rindge and Latin, and in 1986 published No Easy Roses: A Look at the Lives of City Teenagers, featuring photographs she took of students during her tenure.

Moving beyond Cambridge, Pierce photographed a rural Maine fishing village in the 1990s and Iraqi children during the interwar years.

The 78 photographs that Pierce donated to the Cambridge Room in 2014 are now available to view online.  The description of Pierce’s collection, along with her biography, is available here.


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Bill de Blasio’s 1979 yearbook identified him as “future president of the U.S.A. — the Untied Sneakers Association.’’

Did you know that New York City Democratic Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio grew up in Cambridge and graduated from Cambridge Rindge and Latin in 1979?  Back then he was known as Bill Wilhelm and he was already espousing progressive politics.  There was a great article about his formative years in Cambridge published by the Boston Globe on September 30th.  Read it here and learn why the future New York City mayor may be a Red Sox fan.

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John _Thomas_1-001
John Thomas won a silver medal at Tokyo in 1964.  Courtesy of the Boston Globe.

John Thomas graduated from Rindge Tech in 1958 and two years later, set a world record in the high jump at the California Olympic trials, clearing 7 feet, 3¾.  He went on to win the bronze medal at the 1960 Rome Olympics and the silver in 1964 at Tokyo.   Thomas was inducted into the Cambridge Rindge and Latin Athletic Hall of Fame in 1981.  Read his obituary in the Boston Globe here.

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Did you know that Cambridge is full of ghosts?  Apparently, a British soldier haunts Christ Church in Harvard Square.  Central Square’s YMCA has a green ghost. And, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School has a ghost of an old man pushing a book cart along a World War II memorial hallway.  I’m not sure if you believe these sightings but Cambridge Day wrote an article in 2005 about all the hauntings that happen in Cambridge – it’s a fun read.

Do you want to know what haunts archivists?  This:

But by All Saints’ Day, it turns into this:

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Students at the Cambridge Manual Training School (now Cambridge Rindge and Latin) practice fire safety training, circa 1890.

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